Combined Washer Dryers From Bosch

Bosch washer dryers are available in both white and silver, but only come in the Exxcel range at this current time. Exxcel is the mid- range selection of appliances that Bosch has to offer.

There are plenty of features packed into a Bosch washer dryer considering that it is a 2-in-1 laundry appliance, neither the wash or dry function seem to have been compromised in terms of practicality as the non- stop programme available on this appliance means that it can launder half a load of easy- care fabrics in just an hour. The washer dryers also include a mixed load programme, Autodry and an express wash. The Autodry function allows you to let the Bosch washer dryer decide when the wash load is dry, so it ensures that there is no energy wasted on clothes that are already dry. There is still the option of a timed dry cycle though samsung washer repair pasadena.

The Bosch washer dryer is 60cm wide and holds 5kg of washing and 2.5 kg of drying laundry. It has a 3D Aqua Spa wash system, which is basically a wash and shower system that is designed to produce optimum washing results. It works by making water enter the drum from three sides so that it is quicker and more effective than usual. During the actual wash cycle specially designed paddles then scoop up the water and gently bathe the washing.

Although the Bosch washer dryer has an A rating for wash performance class- and the wash plus system bringing that wash performance to a wider range of temperatures- and a B for its spin drying class, it only has a C rating for energy efficiency, which compared to some of Bosch’s other appliances is not that great. If you are looking to save money on energy bills or are looking to reduce your carbon footprint then you should really be looking for appliances that have an energy efficiency rating of at least B, but preferably A.

Having said that, Bosch washer dryers are designed to be safe and include a pressure-resistant water supply hose, overflow prevention systems and an electronic lock that prevents the porthole from being opened by accident during a wash cycle. And there are other ways that this machine saves energy. The express wash system reduces wash programme times by up to around 40%, which means that the 40°C Easycare programme should only take 55 minutes. The express wash programme is good for the environment, but can not be used for all kinds of laundry and should only be used on clothes that do not have big stains and are only lightly soiled.

Like all of Bosch’s laundry appliances, the Exxcel Bosch washer dryer operates quietly in the background so as not to make a nuisance of itself and making conversations in the same room impossible with the loud rattling that you can sometimes get from an older machine.

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